Fordham University, Lincoln Center Campus, NY

The 1500 sq. ft. chapel utilizes simplicity and clarity of form in a modernist vocabulary to invoke sanctuary, and reflectivity in an otherwise hectic, urban campus environment. On a pragmatic level, the chapel must function on three levels: offer an area of communal prayer and worship, while simultaneously offering a private devotional space, and, on occasion, act as one unified space.

The use of curtain screens (woven metal mesh fabric) provides a dramatic and relatively inexpensive solution to articulating the spatial requirements of the chapel. The sense of drama is heightened by the use of lighting, which allows the curtain screens to act as theatrical scrims. An undulating ceiling, and strongly delineated verticals at perimeter walls, enhance the verticality of the space. Serene, though, rich materials heighten and embellish the chapel environment.

All furnishings, stained glass windows, and cast bronze Crucifix are custom designed for the space.